Fraxinus ornus

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Fraxinus (genus)

Genus containing around 70 species of trees and shrubs, primarily found in the Northern Hemisphere, some species extending into the tropical forests of Mexico and Java. The leaves of ash trees are opposite, usually deciduous, pinnately compound and having usually five to nine leaflets. Samaras, the fruits are one-seeded, narrow, and winged. Flowers typically are small, showy, and arranged in clusters. Most ash trees are small to medium in height, though some of the larger timber-providing species grow to 60-120 feet (8-34 m).


Fraxinus ornus, the manna ash or South European flowering ash, is a species of Fraxinus native to southern Europe and southwestern Asia, from Spain and Italy north to Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic, and east through the Balkans, Turkey, and western Syria to Lebanon and Armenia.

Historical names